Tyler, The Creator's "Earfquake" Blows Up After California Earthquake

A few hours ago, the strongest earthquake to hit Southern California in a long time took place, leaving Los Angelenos excited to tell everybody what they had just survived. Depending on which part of the state you reside in, you felt it a little bit more than others this morning. My personal experience was not too rocky — the room shook a little but it was nothing violent. Others have reported slight damages from the 6.4 magnitude quake. As you would expect, #Earthquake started trending within minutes on Twitter with people rushing to ask if they had just lived through their first-ever Cali quake. Unexpectedly though, Tyler, The Creator saw a boost in traffic as a direct result of the disaster when his IGOR single “Earfquake” also started trending, according to XXL.

While people were busy chatting about the powerful seismic shift that they had just witnessed, Tyler, The Creator fans took the opportunity to push his new single with Playboi Carti, garnering enough attention to “Earfquake” that it started trending alongside #Earthquake. Some of the most popular memes have fans stating that Tyler can predict the…

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