Ryan Reynolds Plugs His Own Brand Of Gin With Bottle Cap Challenge

If you have an Instagram account or browse through social media on any given app then you’re bound to have come across one of many bottlecap challenges. The premise of the viral challenge is to twist off a bottle cap using your foot by a powerful kick. We previously posted a clip of Jason Statham succeeding at the task and now we have another video of Ryan Reynolds not succeeding. 

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In the clip below, that’s been shared to Ryan’s Twitter feed, you can see how he tactically plugged his own Aviation gin brand to partake in the challenge. The video is a bit longer than the usual ones, as he shows the bottle of gin making its rounds in different neighborhoods and settings. Finally, the bottle comes in contact with Ryan himself as he attempts to do the challenge. The only thing is, Ryan fails miserably causing the glass bottle to smash on the ground where he runs away before anyone can notice. 

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