Ohio Man Dies After Firework Explodes On His Chest

A 61-year-old man sadly passed away in front of a group of children when he was setting off fireworks for them to see but one exploded on his chest. News sources say Floyd Temple was setting the fireworks off on his front lawn when he lit one the wrong way and the mortar firework hit his chest, resulting in his instant death. 

Phil Inglis/Getty Images

“It went off and his chest exploded, and the kids ran over to my house and told me about it. That’s when police showed up,” one of Floyd’s neighbors explained. “They’re probably traumatized right now. They were sitting right there on the stairs when it happened. One of my kids was sitting right there on those stairs.”

Floyd was known for his firework celebrations as it was something he did every year for his community. “He’s a really nice guy, nice guy,” Benjamin…

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