Nike Unveils New Boxing Shoe, The Air Max Box: Details

Nike is known for its training shoes and their unique approach to design so its no surprise that those two things would come together with the Nike Air Max Box. While the Nike Air Max Box may look like a shoe from outer space, it is actually sneaker designed for boxers so that they can train and be comfortable while doing so. The shoe has picked up a bit of traction online for its bizarre aesthetics although that was before it was revealed to be a training shoe specifically for boxing.

Just by looking at the images below, you’ll immediately realize that they are cut so high that they go all the way up to your shins. The white and black pair features nice leather passages that are interwoven all the way to the midsole. There is also a green Air Max 270 unit on the back heel for maximum comfort. This sneaker will also come in a triple-black colorway that actually has a purple Air Max unit.

If you’re a boxer looking for a new pair of training shoes, these are available right now over at so don’t miss your shot at…

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