Snoop Dogg & Kurt Cobain Connect In Iconic Throwback Pic

Snoop Dogg has cemented himself as the king of the throwback picture. Given his longstanding tenure in the game, Snoop has crossed paths with no shortage of iconic artists, from Death Row to the No Limit Soldiers. Today, Snoop took a moment to circulate a new one, which has since sparked debate over its authenticity. Sadly, the likely conclusion is that the image appears to be a photoshop, but that doesn’t exactly dull the sentiment behind it. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The image finds Snoop chilling in the cut with a young Kurt Cobain, legendary Nirvana frontman and beloved cultural icon. Though Kurt sadly passed away in 1994, his legacy has endured, with many young musicians drawing inspiration from his artistry to this day. “Young dogg with Kurt, 92” writes Snoop, in the caption. For additional context, Nirvana had recently released their classic Nevermind album in 1991 (In Utero would later arrive in 1993). As for Snoop, he would have likely been sitting on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, though unless it were taken in December, the album was yet to drop. 

Shopped or not, Snoop certainly kicked off a wave of admiration, with many…

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