Nicki Minaj Headlining A Show In Saudi Arabia

Media coverage involving Saudi Arabia has been anything but positive in the last year. The country has been criticized by so many because of their backward laws and politics regarding women. Women’s rights in the country are remarkably non-existent and after what happened with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, people have been boycotting anything that involves the Saudi government. The WWE has been under fire for partnering up with the country to put on a number of high-profile shows over there and while media types haven’t been impressed with Vince McMahon’s decision to remain in Saudi Arabia, there’s now somebody new to direct your anger towards.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj has just accepted a gig, headlining a festival performance in Saudi Arabia this summer. The festival will take place in Jeddah at the King Abdullah Sports Stadium, according to CNN, and Minaj is listed as the headliner. She will be rapping to her fans overseas on July 18.

The musician is yet to comment on her decision to embark on a trip to the conservative country but her mentions online are already a mess because of it. Hopefully, she’s getting a big…

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