Lil Xan Looks Exactly Like Billie Eilish After Putting On A Wig

So, we knew that Lil Xan and Billie Eilish looked pretty similar but the resemblance is seriously uncanny. Is this a photo of the pop superstar wearing temporary face tattoos or is it just Lil Xan wearing a wig? To be completely honest, we’re not quite sure. We’re leaning toward the latter but the fact that they look so similar is kind of creepy.

Jim Bennett/Getty Images

California-bred rapper Lil Xan already knows what he wants to dress up as for Halloween this year. We may still be a few months away but his costume is pretty clever since he pulls it off damn-near perfectly. Billie Eilish quickly became one of the biggest names in the world and she keeps quite a unique look. The singer wears almost exclusively baggy clothing and a limited amount of make-up. That made things easy for Lil Xan to morph into her for his Halloween fit and he absolutely nailed it. Putting on a blue wig and sticking out his tongue, the leader of Xanarchy showed all his fans his costume and people generally agreed that…

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