Joe Rogan Discusses The Kanye West Mental Health Convo & Sunday Service Invite

Kanye West is easily one of the most interesting men in the music business. His thoughts are seemingly unfiltered and his contributions to music, fashion, and more have helped him reach living legend status. The man’s discography is unmatched and we all go crazy to hear exactly what’s going through his head. That’s why, when Joe Rogan announced that he would be speaking with West on his ultra-popular podcast, many of us were looking forward to seeing that pop up. Joe Rogan happens to always get some gems out of his guests, mixing humor with deep conversations, which is an environment that Ye would possibly strive in. However, conversations have derailed and Kanye is likely not going to be on the show anymore. Joe’s most recent guest, mathematician Eric Weinstein, asked about the status of the episode during his sit-down with the comedian, speaking about his own relationship with Ye and offering a view into his genius mind.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

After Joe’s talk with Eric Weinstein, a nationally-celebrated math wiz, many are hoping that Kanye West stops by Weinstein’s podcast in the future. The two have a friendly relationship, having spent several days together last year during the whole “slavery sounds like a choice” debacle. When Eric asked about the status of Joe’s own podcast episode with Kanye, Rogan deflected the question by saying that he’s a “brilliant artist” but that it might not be the right space for him to broadcast his thoughts. “This is not a relaxed environment,” said Rogan. “This right here, everybody knows how many people are listening. It fucks peoples head up.”

Weinstein appears to agree with that statement too, saying that after spending two days with the artist, he feels that his “flow state” is beautiful when he’s in a relaxed state.


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