Irv Gotti Says Kanye West Doesn't Really Support Trump & Wants To Be Crazy

Last night, BET kicked off Season Two of the network’s hip hop-centered anthology series Tales that creates stories out of rap lyrics. During Tuesday night’s episode, the show debuted Kanye West’s new Charlie Wilson-assisted track “Brothers.” Many believe that Kanye penned the song about his Watch The Throne partner Jay Z who is rumored that be in a bit of a beef with the Chicago star.

TheGrio caught up with Tales creator Irv Gotti to chat with him about producing the new track and collaborating with Ye. “Working with Kanye is fascinating because you never know you got him until you got him,” Irv said. “Working with him, he dances to the beat of his own drum. If you want to talk Kanye and Donald Trump— and he gets so much flack for that, it’s not that he really f*cks with Donald Trump…” 

That statement comes as surprise considering that Kanye visited the White House wearing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” cap. When the rapper sat down with the president, who he’s met with on more than one occasion, Kanye even said that wearing the hat made him feel like Superman. However, Irv told TheGrio that Yeezy doesn’t back Trump as the public thinks and his support has more to do with not falling in line with how people expect him to act.

Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images

“He doesn’t like people telling him what he can and cannot do,” Irv stated. “He doesn’t care. You’re not going to tell him how to think or how to feel…he’s not a bad person. I love Kanye. Kanye is actually a super family man. He and Kim’s relationship is real. There’s real love there and they’re raising a family.”

Irv also shared that Kanye accepts criticisms about his mental illness with open arms. “He wants to be crazy because he wants…

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