Dave East Claps Back At Fan Who Accuses Him Of Not Liking Black Girls

Dave East is living his best life in Columbia and shared an image to Instagram that sees him posted up with rapper Millyz with a number of gorgeous women behind them. While Dave was clearly impressed with his posse, hence the share to Instagram, some of his followers had something to say about the ethnicity of the women he surrounds himself with. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“So you don’t like black girls either? ????,” one user commented. The “Type Of Time” rapper had time to clap back and responded with: “Shut ya dumb ass up I’m in Columbia.”

A few fans defended Dave, with one user writing “chicks really complaining about he not with any black women! Fam he’s in Columbia!! ???????? why everything gotta be a issue.” However, another group of users just hopped in the comment section to add to the troll worthy noise: “Shit look like some other country version of “Friends.” 

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