Stephen A. Smith Claims KD Lied To Russell Westbrook Before Leaving OKC

Kevin Durant just signed with the Brooklyn Nets which will surely turn them into an immediate title contender especially with Kyrie Irving on the roster. Just three years ago, Durant was in a similar position as he became a free agent with the power to go wherever he pleased. Of course, Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors which was considered a weak move at the time. KD went on to win two championships and even nabbed himself two NBA Finals MVPs.

Once Durant left the Thunder, his relationship with Russell Westbrook was shattered and according to Stephen A. Smith, it had nothing to do with Durant leaving. As he explained on ESPN’s First Take today, Westbrook was upset with Durant because he essentially lied to him. Durant reportedly had dinner with Westbrook the night before meeting with the Warriors and told him straight to his face that he would re-sign with the Thunder.