"LHHA" Star Says Chris Brown Doesn't Want To Be Around Dark-Skinned Women

The social media conversation regarding Chris Brown’s “Need a Stack” lyrics has escalated and now a reality star is involved. On the track, Brown says, “Only wanna f*ck the black b*tches with the nice hair,” a line that has sparked a debate about good hair, bad hair, and colorism within the black community. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tokyo Vanity made a comment on The Shade Room‘s Instagram post about the topic where she stated people shouldn’t be surprised because Brown has shown in the past he doesn’t like dark-skinned women.

According to Tokyo, her “homegirl went to the club one night with her friends and his section rules was no darkskinned girls.” Brown then uploaded a photo of Tokyo to his Instagram Story with text that said she was fine and he wanted to take her to dinner. Tokyo thought he was taking a petty jab at her, so she responded in a video of her own. “Stop playing with me,” she said. “B*tch, that sh*t not funny. Second of all, b*tch, I’m not even ya type. B*tch you into things of light complexions, you know coke, heroin, molly, acid, embalming fluid, cigarettes…I’m just saying, Puerto Rican women, white women, Asian women. That’s all fine because that’s your preference and we all entitled to a preference. B*tch, all I’m doing is calling it like I see it.” She then went on to share that Brown denied her friends access to his section in clubs in both Miami and Los Angeles because he gave his security a “no darkies” rule.

In another comment, Tokyo wrote, “Even though I’m blocked lmfao N*GGA it prolly took you 4 yrs to find a dark skinned girl in your section…you talking about one chick who you let in your section in Atlanta…I’m talking about THE RULES  YOU HAD IN YOUR SECTION IN LA…My n*gga I’m not bashing you cause I don’t give a f*ck about your preference because in life we all have preferences and are entitled to like what we like…but keep it 100% slime…Lmfaooo AT THE CLUB IN LA YOUR RULES WAS NO DARKSKINNED GIRLS AND YOUR SECURITY MADE SURE THE LET THE B*TCHES KNOW AND ENFORCES THAT…my home girl was there that night with her other friends, y’all let her friends in and stopped her and your security said no ‘darkies.’ Like a man stand on what you say and how you feel don’t…

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