Monica Thinks It's "Insane" That People Blame Others When Their Partner Cheats

 In “So Gone,” Monica made it clear that she would give a woman a beatdown for messing around with her man. However, things have changed now that she’s matured, and in a recent video clip, the singer shared that if she caught her partner cheating, she would only be upset with him. There are plenty of relationship memes and social media commentary from people who believe that if your significant other has stepped out of the relationship, you need to attack the person they were with. Monica couldn’t disagree more and calls that thought process “insane.”

“You realize how stupid that is because at the end of the day, the person that you either took vows with or made a commitment…because everybody ain’t married, but if I live with you it’s the same thing for me. So it’s like the commitment that you’ve made and the requirements and responsibility of taking care of the other person’s heart only belongs to your mate,” she said. “Yeah, it’s nobody that’s going to meet somebody that I’m with that don’t know that they my somebody, but they still don’t owe me what the person that I’m with does. I may get some information from, or be resourceful towards or maybe just want to know a little bit about, but I’m not confronting or running up on somebody else that’s been with somebody. It’s your husband. She ain’t take no vows with you.”

Monica is currently divorcing her former NBA star husband Shannon Brown, but she’s stated that their marriage didn’t end because of infidelity. Yet, she does know the pain of cheating, and felt it necessary to drop some knowledge to the world. “When somebody disrespects you like that, it’s sometimes a lack of love,” she said. “People assume it’s just a lack of love towards you, but a lot of people, when they’re moving around like that, they don’t…

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