Johnny Depp Sends Subpoena To James Franco After Being Spotted With Amber Heard

The domestic abuse case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still in progress even though the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor has denied the allegations against him. Amber has previously claimed that Johhny was a “drunken, paranoid, wine-bottle-flinging wife-beater” and Johnny accused Amber of painting bruises on her skin to make her allegations seem true. 

The latest on the matter is that both Amber and Johnny will be heading to trial as Johnny battles to win his $50,000,000 defamation case. It looks as though Johnny will have more information to bring to his case since The Blast reports that he’s sending a subpoena to James Franco since the actor was reportedly spotted with Amber the day after their blowout fight. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Video surveillance shows what appears to be Amber and James in an elevator for the apartment Amber and Johnny once shared, captured on May 22, 2016, around 11 PM. Johnny’s legal team is calling James a witness and question his hang out with Amber, especially since the video shows them clearly trying to…

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