J. Cole Hilariously Reacts To Being Robbed On "Lambo Truck"

By now, you might have already watched Dreamville’s inspiring “Revenge: A Dreamville Film,” a thirty-minute documentary highlighting the ten-day process of creating Revenge Of The Dreamers 3. If you haven’t yet, be sure to do that now, as it’s guaranteed to increase your hype for the project tenfold, at the minimum. While the doc reveals many different glimpses into the making-of stages, including sneak peeks at plenty of upcoming tracks, one of the best moments was left on the cutting room floor. That is, of course, J. Cole’s reaction to hearing Cozz and Reason’s “Lambo Truck” for the first time. 

In the track, TDE’s Reason and Dreamville’s Cozz lament their current fiscal situation, prompting the former to stage a master plan: robbing J. Cole. After all, Cole has no problem pulling up to the studio in his titular “Lambo Truck,” and while Cozz does appear to feel torn about the idea, he ultimately gives Reason his blessing to pull it off. In exchange, he vows to go rob Top Dawg, with the pair presumably linking up to revel in their hard-earned spoils. 

Dreamville’s Instagram account made sure to share Cole’s hilarious response to hearing the track unfold for the first time, and we’re glad they did. Clearly, the track left him shook, as evidenced by his comically wide eyes and concerned demeanor; between that and his crossed arms, Cole seems like a father who has swiftly realized he played a role in creating an untameable monster. Meanwhile, Cozz can’t help but celebrate the elicited response, laughing…

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