Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp Experiencing Outages: Twitter Reacts

With limited access to Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp for hours, people have been forced to explore the depths of Twitter. While that’s not all that bad, there are some weird things and strange people lurking in the shadows of the least censored social platform out there. On Twitter, you can broadcast your every thought. It doesn’t matter how messed up your brain is; there is almost certainly something more crazy that has been tweeted by somebody else. Of course, with the current outage of FB, IG and other Zuckerberg-owned apps, Twitter became the go-to for anybody needing their social media fix today. Whether they were complaining about the shutdown or praising the lack of activity online, people came to Twitter in droves.

If you haven’t been able to access anybody’s pictures on IG or send people messages on Facebook, you’re not alone. There are major global outages happening right now that have affected people since this morning. Who knows when the social services will be back but until that moment, we’ve all got Twitter to complain to. And that’s exactly what’s been happening. People are not happy that they can’t talk to their friends on IG or Facebook and they’re taking out their frustrations on Twitter, posting memes and angry messages to the hashtag “#instagramdown.” Below, we’ve included some of the most extreme reactions yet.

How are you dealing with the outage?