Instagram & Facebook Are Down Again

It happened earlier this year and once again, people are not happy about Instagram and Facebook being down. Both social media networks, as well as WhatsApp, are essential tools in people’s lives nowadays. As you know, there are literally people who make a living off of being influencers on IG. When they’re not hawking flat tummy teas, they’re genuinely starving and achieving their peak bodies in more uncomfortable ways. If you were trying to log onto your social profiles this morning and you realized that you weren’t seeing any updates from your friends, don’t be alarmed; you’re not the only one.

Unless you’ve gone completely off-the-grid — in which case, you’re definitely not reading this article — then you use social media on a daily basis. Perhaps even on an hourly basis or more frequently than that. As reported by Variety though, people all over the world have been experiencing outages today and they’re not at all impressed. With the billion-dollar resources accessible to Mark Zuckerberg and his gigantic team of developers, you would think they could prevent issues like this from ever taking place. However, this is just the latest outage from the year 2019. Users started experiencing issues at approximately 8:45 AM EST with most reports coming from Europe and Northeast U.S. Images and videos are mostly failing to load on Instagram and new updates are not popping up on Facebook. 

A spokesperson for Facebook has issued the following statement: “We’re…

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