Here Is The Tragic 911 Call Of Nipsey Hussle's Murder

TMZ recently released the tragic 911 call which followed the shooting that robbed us of Nipsey Hussle. We do give a trigger warning as the audio may bring up a lot of emotions for some. In the audio herein, we can hear the frantic voice of a woman attempting to communicate with the 911 dispatchers so they could send an ambulance. Evidently, the woman sounds distracted and all over the place considering the shock of everything that went down on the unfortunate day. The dispatchers attempt to communicate with her but are quickly disconnected. They then attempt to reach back out to her, but the audio ends before we can hear anything else. This is just a reminder of how heartbreaking the series of events leading and following Nipsey Hussle’s murder were. You can check out the audio here. 

Despite his passing, Nipsey Hussle continues to inspire a lot of positivity in LA and around the globe. Most recently, we reported on the rapper’s death inspiring a series of gang truces between rival gangs. A summit was held in late June…

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