Donald Trump Jr. Reacts To Nike Controversy With Soviet-Style Nike Roshe Run

Nike’s “Fourth of July” Air Max 1 sneaker has been a lightning rod for controversy in the lead up to Independence Day. The special edition sneakers, featuring a Colonial-era Betsy Ross flag on the heel, were originally supposed to drop on July 1, but Nike halted distribution amid concerns from the likes of Colin Kaepernick.

Since that decision, Nike has received backlash from many others, such as Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who recently ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw funding for a Nike manufacturing center in Phoenix. Among those who have also criticized Nike for pulling the patriotic Air Max 1 from distribution, Donald Trump Jr.

The President’s son took to twitter on Wednesday afternoon with a photoshopped image of a Soviet-themed Nike Roshe Run along with the following message:

“If the Betsy Ross Flag, the flag of the American Revolution, is too offensive for Nike to commemorate The 4th of July maybe Nike should go with this… seems to be more in line with their views.”

Nike released a statement on Tuesday explaining their decision. That statement reads in part, “Nike…

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