Brockhampton Teases New Project "Ginger" On Social Media

It feels like a lifetime since 2017 when we were treated to a surfeit of Saturation albums all released in exponentially quick succession. What hasn’t even been a full year since their last album feels like an entirety for Brockhampton fans who are used to non-stop releases. Regardless, the boy-band is back with a new teaser for an upcoming project entitled Ginger.

The teaser opens with a verse from Merlyn Wood and finishes with a vocal performance from Bearface, both of which are overlayed on a video of Matt Champion wearing a red hat that reads “Ginger.” 

Kevin Abstract recently released his third solo effort entitled Arizona Baby, and graced the cover of GQ celebrating Pride Month. Abstract opened up about the process behind the new album and the turmoil after Ameer left the group saying, “We’ve been fighting more these days, which is weird, because we never fight. Every day we wake up, we try to make something that’s great. It might not stick.” He also said of the upcoming album, “We want to make a summer album. Feel-good. Not too sad,” adding, “Something we’re doing is putting those type of lyrics—like…

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