6ix9ine's Associate Kooda B Denies Shooting At Chief Keef

Much has been said about Tekashi 6ix9ine. He went from being the King of New York to the biggest clown in the rap game. The rapper has reportedly been squealing to the feds about everything he knows his crew was up to, throwing his former partners under the bus in an attempt to get less jail time. He’s been locked up since last year and as he awaits his trial, more information keeps on being released about the racketeering drama.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Kooda B, one of the men involved with Tekashi and the Nine Trey gang, pleaded guilty to his role in the crimes. Kooda B is known as the man who pulled the trigger on Chief Keef, which ultimately did not strike the drill artist. However, in new court documents obtained by Complex, it appears as though Kooda was not actually the man behind the gun. 

Kintea “Kooda B” McKenzie pleaded guilty back on June 3 and a transcript from his plea hearing was picked up by the outlet, who claims that McKenzie said he did not fire shots at Chief Keef outside the W Hotel in New York. “In June 2018, I was present and helped arrange for another individual to shoot a gun at a rival that Tekashi wanted to scare,” said McKenzie. “I arranged for the individual to be driven to Times Square and carry out the plan in front of the W Hotel. When the target came out of the hotel, the individual fired a shot in the direction of the area where the target was standing. The shot was fired…

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