Terry Crews Confirms Sequel To "White Chicks"

It’s been 15 years since White Chicks hit theaters everywhere giving everyone endless laughs and even more love to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” The Marlon and Shawn Wayans-helmed film, that they also star in, follows a two cops who go undercover as white chicks to uncover a drug bust. Terry Crews stars in the film as a social lite who can’t get enough of one of the women, not knowing that its a man undercover. 

Terry was recently a guest on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live where he was asked about a follow-up to the film, giving the answer every fan wants to hear. “I actually got with Shawn and he was like ‘Man we doing it, we’re getting it going,’” he said. “15 years ago as of this month! I’m staying in shape just for this movie.”


Terry recently paid a visit to The Talk and was asked which song he would sing his heart out to in the movie this time around. “I think the modern day of [“A Thousand Miles”] would…

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