Reported "Grand Theft Auto 6" Details Surface, But Are They Legit?

It’s been a minute since Rockstar Games released another chapter in the sprawling Grand Theft Auto series, with the acclaimed fifth installment having dropped in September 2013. Though Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s combined adventure remains relevant today (especially where some of the themes and social commentary is concerned), fans have been patiently waiting for news of the sixth GTA to surface. Perhaps that’s why a recent Reddit leak has gained such momentum; given that we’ve been experiencing such a scarcity in viable news, it’s no wonder such reports tend to spread like wildfire. 

According to the original Reddit post right here, the next game is tentatively titled Project Americas. It’s reportedly set to take place in both Vice City and South America, drawing heavy influence from Netflix’s Narcos series. Apparently, the game will span across several decades, unfolding as the story progresses and bringing about myriad changes in the environment. The sources have been said to have come from PC Gamer and Kotaku, but PC Gamer has since come forward to cry foul; sadly, PC Gamer has come forward to dispel any involvement, casting yet another shadow of doubt over the initial…

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