Reginae Carter Shares PSA On The "Degrading" Cucumber Challenge: "It's Not Cute"

The latest online challenge that people are really doing seems to be the “cucumber challenge” that sees social media users show off how far they can fit a cucumber in their throat. If you scan Twitter or Instagram, you’re bound to come across a number of videos of both men and women shoving a cucumber in their mouth to try and beat someone one else’s attempt. 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images 

While YFN Lucci was seen enjoying the challenge first hand, his ex Reginae Carter isn’t here for it and even jumped on Instagram Live to explain her reasoning. “The cucumber situation… I feel like to each his own, that’s what you do but it’s very degrading and it’s not cute,” she said. “Also, if you have a daughter…that shit is not cool. Honestly, the folks that’s posting it and stuff like that you gotta understand if you got kids your kids is going to school and trust me [people] addressing your kids about that and it’s not cool.”

Reginae went on to explain how growing up with famous parents meant that everything they did ended up going back to her in some…

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