Chris Brown Reportedly Claps Back At Critics Of "Nice Hair" Lyrics (Again)

The Chris Brown criticism rolls on as people are still talking about his controversial Indigo lyrics. Last Friday, Brown released his anticipated project Indigo which has become a fan favorite, but over the weekend he found himself at the center of conversation over his “Need a Stack” lyrics where he stated, “Diggin’ it, then I’m lickin’ all on that p*ssy, put it right there/ Only wanna f*ck the black b*tches with the nice hair.” People began criticizing the singer for suggesting that there is “good hair” versus “bad hair” even though he didn’t say either one of those phrases and used the word “nice.” People began implying that he doesn’t like black women because of the ladies he’s been linked to romantically and some stated that he has a problem with “his own kind.” Brown attempted to shut down the judgments with a comment.

“Yall tripping trippin,” he wrote. “Y’all b*tches don’t wanna f*ck da n*gga wit da f*cked up teeth do you??? Only b*tches upset is the uglies (not the black queens).” This added fuel to the fire, and an Instagram page titled @BlackGirlsAreIt featured the story about the lyrics. “So is this considered a ‘preference’ or ‘discrimination,'” they wrote. “Listen we all have preferences I’ll give you that. Never will I discriminate against my own kind. #chrisbrown.” A frustrated Brown reportedly commented on that photo and his response was shared by TheYBF

“Weird ass angry people,” he allegedly wrote. “Sincerely, from the bottom of my balls…I DON’T GIVE A F*CK BOUT YALL…

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