Amber Rose Advises Women Not To Shame Cucumber Challenge Participants

The internet is all a-buzz with this Cucumber Challenge and people are showing off their *ahem*skills*ahem* for the social media world to see. Reginae Carter has openly called it “degrading” and said it’s “not cute,” and it seems that there are plenty of others who agree with her sentiment. However, Amber Rose isn’t down with shaming people who are participating in the seriously-NSFW challenge, and she took to Instagram to share why.

“So, I wanted to talk to y’all about this cucumber challenge I’ve been seeing around on Instagram,” Rose began. “I’ve been seeing a lot of shaming going on and I just think like…my personal opinion, I’ve seen the video and I was like, damn b*tch. My throat ain’t set up like that. That’s crazy.” She mentions that she asked her boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards what he thought about it. At first, he played it off as if he didn’t know what she was talking about because he was unsure of how she would react, but Rose played it cool and said she apologized to him because she doesn’t have those types of skills. However, she noted that she never received any complaints.

According to Rose, everyone sucks…well, you know…so there’s no reason to shame anyone for going to town on a cucumber. “I feel like a lot of girls are being very insecure because they watched the video and they’re like, ‘Oh b*tch, I can’t do that.’ But the thing that we have to remember is that if your man is going and cheating…

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