50 Cent Trolls Young Buck With Lil Nas X Photo: "Fresh Out The Barn"

We’re still upset to see 50 Cent and Young Buck beefing but at this point, we’ve all just got to accept the facts. Nobody is immune from 50’s trolling. If you get on his bad side — or if you owe him any money — he will attack you online. Unfortunately, Buck managed to find himself on the rapper’s hit list, which has earned him weeks worth of humiliation on social media. Much of the feud has revolved around Young Buck’s alleged relationship with a transgender woman, which is something that Curtis Jackson just finds hilarious. Whether that’s his own insecurities coming to the light or something else, the roasts haven’t stopped. Today, he decided to promote a new song (that almost definitely is not real) between both Buck and Lil Nas X, who recently came out as gay, on his pages.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

One of the biggest stories over the weekend was about the “Old Town Road” sensation, 20-year-old Lil Nas X, who informed his fans of his sexual orientation. Knowing full well that people could turn on him, LNX felt comfortable enough to face the consequences and getting trolled by 50 Cent is just one of them. In the post, Fiddy doesn’t outwardly come for Nas X but he is poking fun at his former G-Unit ally by sharing a shot of Buck and Nas X together.

Curtis uploaded a picture of the two rappers side-by-side,…

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