You Can Rent Your Own Private Island On Airbnb For $1 Million-A-Week

If you enjoy vacationing in only the most luxurious spots around the globe, you’ll be happy to know that you can now rent your very own private island on Airbnb Luxe. If you’re planning a trip to French Polynesia and you’re not interested in living among the commoners, you can shell out some big money for your very own island. When you were a kid, maybe you dreamed of one day having your own private island and now that you’re an adult wandering through this wild life, you realize that that likely won’t ever happen to you unless you win the lottery. If you’ve got enough bread though, you can cash out on your own island for a week though… it’ll only cost you $1 million.

Carl Court/Getty Images

As reported by Hypebeast, Airbnb’s new Luxe service allows you to stay at the finest destination homes across the world. If you want to stay at Ian Fleming’s Jamaican villa, you can actually do that (we’re not lying!) If you’re more into private islands, the Nukutepipi island in French Polynesia, curated by Cirque du Soleil’s Guy Laliberte, can be rented by you and fifty-one of your friends. So, if y’all can gather up a million dollars fifty-one ways, you’re in luck. 

The new service was launched on June 25 and it includes over 2,000 new homes. Not everything is insanely pricey though. If you’re…

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