"Toy Story" Woody Has A Last Name & People Are Freaking Out

Most recently, fans have found out some interesting news about Toy Story’s character Woody. According to Complex, long-time fans of the animated film Toy Story were under the impression that the Tom Hanks-led character was only named Woody and fairly so considering that is all he’s ever been called in the film. Well, it turns out Woody had a surname all along and fans are freaking out. Lee Unkirch, the Toy Story 3 director, told us way back in 2009. Though we’re not sure anyone really paid attention because the tweet resurfaced. “Woody’s actual full name is “Woody Pride”, and has been since the earliest days of developing the original Toy Story.” The tweet led to hilarious Twitter responses, of course.

Relatedly, Toy Story 4 has been killing the game lately. New reports by Variety confirmed that Toy Story 4 was on a continuous winning streak at the box office. The Disney Pixar sequel brought it another $17 million dollars in ticket sales this past Friday. The latter resulted in a decisive victory over the weekend debuts of Annabelle Comes Home and Yesterday. After clocking in a total of $118 million dollars in it’s opening weekend last week and more than $167 million in its first six days, Toy Story 4 continues to kill the domestic box office with an estimated $55.9 million dollars in sales for its second weekend. These numbers are placing Toy Story 4slightly behind Toy Story 3 which took in about $59 million dollars in its sophomore weekend.

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