Lil Durk Asks Judge For Permission To Travel For Upcoming Shows

UPDATE: Minutes after this article was published, a judge DENIED Durk’s request to have his curfew restriction lifted. 

It appears Lil Durk is trying to get a judge to allow him to travel outside Atlanta so he can perform his upcoming scheduled shows. If you’re unaware, the Chicago rapper is currently out on bond in his attempted murder case, but he’s not allowed to be out in public from 11 PM to 7 AM and thats a huge problem for his scheduled shows. If he were not to show up, he’ll likely be sued by the promoters.

As a result, Lil Durk is asking the judge to allow him to fly to Philadelphia next weekend so he can headline the Dope Shows Festival TMZ reports. Durk wants the judge to change the terms of his release to allow him to travel to performances and scrap his curfew when he’s on the road. Now whether or not that’ll be granted remains to be seen, but it’s worth a try on Durk’s part.

Durk says the court-ordered curfew has already put a dent in his wallet. The Chicago rapper has been forced to cancel six shows as of now, costing him a…

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