86 Pounds Of Cocaine Found On Brazilian President's G20 Entourage

Brazil’s newly minted president Jair Bolsonaro garnered a lot of attention during his campaign due to his far-right ideas and promise to crack down on drugs. Yet, recently, a member of Bolsonaro’s entourage was arrested in Seville after police found a total of 89 pounds of cocaine in his luggage. The affiliate was actually a member of Bolsonaro’s aircrew and was identified as Sergeant Manoel Silva Rodrigues. Rodrigues was accompanying Bolsonaro to the G20 summit which was held in Japan and the crew member was flying ahead in a separate plane. 

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Moreover, in an attempt to disguise the cocaine as “cheese” according to reports by NPR. Bolsonaro tweeted that he had “no relationship” with the individual arrested and that his team considered the incident to be “unacceptable.” “I demanded an immediate investigation and severe punishment of the person responsible for the narcotic material found on the FAB plane. We will not tolerate such disrespect to our…

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