An Independent Record Label.

Independent Hits is the leading Artist promotion and distribution network, dedicated and focused on playlists. We focus and partner with curators for both Spotify & Apple Music. Our current network has over 2000 Independent Spotify and 350+ Apple Music Playlists, and growing every day. From large independent playlists to collaborative playlists, our database is one of the largest online. Any artist is welcome to apply to our label & distribution network. If you got a hit, our A&R Team will review, and then move forward with a planned course to release it and make sure it gets heard to a wide audience in that genre. We work on a per track royalty split basis. There is no obligation to our label and network after your release. We have a 70% Artist return rate and a 0.25% song approval rate. Finding, discovering, and working with independent artists is our main agenda and foundation. We also partner with branded artists, agencies, and labels. Priority focused genre's are Hiphop, R&B, and Pop. However we do take in other genres. We do not accept money for playlists placements.

Promote Your Muisc To Curators


You can choose to promote your track to a "targeted" list of playlists and partners in our network, once your track is accepted by A&R. You are then free to start the distribution phase. Knowing we work on a track royalty split basis, our interests are aligned with artist and track itself.

Boost Algorithmic Activity With Our Network.


Based on your genre, we use our network and partners giving a chance for your track to go viral giving the boost you need to gain an audience for the future.

No Obilgations After Releases.


After your release gains media attention or begins to pick up traction, triggered by the almighty "Particle Accelerator" there no obligation to our label after. You are a free independent artist.

Take Control And Grow Your Brand.


Offered a 360 Deal or 5 year contract with a label and some up front money? Try us before you sell out! Keep your brand and try growing it yourself. Use our network and continue your musical journey.

You make hits. We make sure it gets heard.

Our platform puts the power where it belongs, with the music. We focus on hits, not artists. We work on Royalty splits on a per track basis, insuring our interest are aligned with the artist. Not all artists are accepted we currently have a .25% track acceptance rate. We also partner with branded artists, agencies, and labels.

What we do

Connecting artists to playlist curators

We help independent artists get their music on playlists and give playlist curators a way to monetize their playlist while discovering new music


for Curators

Discover some of the best up and coming indie artists and help them launch their career each time you place a song. Get paid to listen and review songs for playlists consideration.

for Artists

Gain real streams and new fans by getting your music heard by curators of the most active playlists to bring in playlist placements.

Get rewarded

Monetize your Playlists,
earn money by listening
and reviewing songs

Discover music

Discover new music
by independent artists
for your playlists

Royality Split Per Track Basis

Whether you make a Hip Hop, R&B, or Pop track if accepted we take a royality split and make sure it reaches a wide audience. It is in our interests to promote our artists music.

Getting picked up

We send your music to a targeted group of playlist owners, to help you gain new playlist placements.

Our network

We have the most active network of Spotify curators and
we measure data from each campaign for possibilities to trigger small, medium and larger algorithmic playlists. Including features on official mainstream Spotify curated playlists.

2000+ Spotify Playlist Curators

We have over 850 curators
on our platform and more
keep joining us every day

38.5M Monthly Listeners

Our Spotify playlists combined
have a total reach of more
than 38.5 million monthly listeners

350+ Apple Music Curators.

We have over 350+ Apple Music Playlists in our network, giving a boost to tracks that then trickle down to other streaming services (Tidal, Deezer, Amazon). Apple music is the second largest streaming service and catching up to Spotify with each year.

Join our network

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